Corporate Advisory and Regulatory Compliance

There are increasingly burdensome and complex regulation and compliance obligations on businesses and the people who run them.

It’s one reason why Corporate governance compliance is vital. Your board is a key driver of your business . They are responsible for devising and carrying out policies and decisions which determine the underlying success of the company for its shareholders and relevant stakeholders. They have to perform these diverse roles in a legal framework that continues to evolve. Trying to interpret and implement the plethora of international corporate governance rules, regulations and best practice can be a difficult task. This does not need to be the case.

Our team of experienced lawyers will provide you with clear and simple strategic advice. It employs a multi-disciplinary approach, involving lawyers from our corporate, tax and incentives, employment and litigation practice areas, who are able to advise boards, committees, executive and non executive directors and senior HR professionals on a variety of day-to-day business issues.  For example, this includes advice on:

  • directors duties and liabilities
  • compliance with Higgs Review and Combined Code on Corporate Governance
  • remuneration (including equity incentive arrangements)
  • diversity, discrimination and recruitment
  • shareholder agreements
We understand the enormity of the regulatory burden upon business. We are experienced in advising our clients how to navigate the regulatory hurdles they face, with a particular emphasis on those clients in the legal sector and in financial services. We focus on regulatory compliance and designing and implementing policies, procedures and practices to achieve this. We can also help achieve swift resolution of compliance issues and assist in deals with law enforcement and other regulatory bodies when this is necessary.


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